How to Increase Your Home's Value

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How to Increase Your Home's Value

Below is a list of project with an indication of the average cost recouped, nationally, according to Realtor Magazine:

Minor kitchen remodel (88%)

Bathroom remodel (85%)

Major kitchen remodel (81%)

Family room addition (80%)

Deck addition (77%)

Master suite (75%)

Attic bedroom (74%)

Siding replacement (73%)

Window replacement (69%)

Home office (55%)

In today's COVID-19 environment, I wouldn't be surprised if the Home Office doesn't increase in it's value as parents and kids are all working online from home these days.  The key with any remodeling effort is to keep the costs in check.  It should be done well and professionally, as a poor remodeling will not create the same level of excitement as a job done well.  Also, remodel should be tasteful and conservative to appeal to the broadest audience. Bright colors and bold updates could turn off some potential buyers.

Ensuring a home is neat, clean and free of clutter is also essential to create that great first impression for buyers.